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Welcome to Tangela Care

Tangela Care provides all the tools, support and information to empower caregivers to care for elders at home.

Evidence-based Care Plans

See evidence-based care plans for senior’s conditions & metrics

Hire and Monitor

Hire and monitor nursing staff and Personal Support Workers (PSW)

Transport Services

Co-ordinate transport services to and from medical appointments

IOT devices

Track senior’s condition manually, or autonomically with IOT devices

Telehealth Services

Engage partner telehealth services for additional support

Book Prescriptions

Book senior’s prescriptions to be refilled and delivered

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Books and supervises PSWs and Nurses


Checks-in weekly for mental health check-ups


Co-ordinates allied health professionals if needed


Follows through the circle of care recommendations


Premium Option – Care Champions

Think of a CareChampion as a concierge that manages aspects of senior’s health.

Meal Delivery

Coordinates meal delivery


Manages medical appointments and books transportation services


Keeps tap on Helen’s medical expenses


Makes sure senior takes his/her medications on time


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How it Works

Angela Care is based on three majer consepts which are explained below:

Smart Care Plan

User can choose from smart care items to create his/her smart care plan. It will include care check-ups and care actions.

Unified Calendar

The unified calendar keeps track of every service and appointment. This will prevent double-booking and ensures efficiency.

Unified Invoice

A unified invoice breaks-down the different services a senior is getting + the breakdown of what is covered by insurance (public or private) and what is paid out of pocket.


Our Team

Dr. Peyman Yazdkhasti is a well-rounded anaesthesiologist and pain management Specialist. Prior to joining TangelaCare, Dr. Peyman owned his own practice and treated seniors with a wide range of complicated health issues. He has also some volunteer-work experience in the Canadian healthcare industry. As the CEO of the company Peyman’s responsibilities are to:

  • Manage the operations of all business departments
  • Develop business prospects and revenue opportunities
  • Identify and address problems and opportunities for the company
  • Farshad is an accountant who worked at various high-end firms such as E&Y and Det Norske Veritas. Prior to joining TangelaCare, Farhan’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish a successful medical device import company in Iran. This experience has brought him with a great deal of first-hand knowledge of the demands and needs of the medical section. As the COO of the company Farshad:

  • Analyzes internal operations of the company
  • Develops actionable business strategies and plans that ensure alignment with short-term and long-term objectives developed in tandem with the CEO
  • Manages capital investment and expenses to ensure the company achieves investor targets relative to growth and profitability
  • Sara is a Chemical engineer by training and a product owner/ project manager by trade. She has over 10 years of experience in product launch and regulatory compliance in medical device and pharmaceutical sector. Sara is the Product & Compliance Lead of TangelaCare and some of her responsibilities are:

  • Implement and manage an effective compliance program.
  • Build, maintain, and communicate product launch plans and track the deliverables, milestones, risks, and dependencies from the cross functional launch team.
  • Anticipate bottlenecks, explore contingencies, and provide escalation management throughout new product launch.
  • Nima has a graduate degree in architecture from Sooreh University. Nima is passionate about delivering high-quality of care using technology. He led Erfan Salamat’s growth in the Iranian market as the supervisor of executive operations in advertisement, business and marketing department. He is the CMO of TangelaCare and some of his duties are:

  • Set marketing goals and objectives
  • Plan, implement and manage marketing strategy
  • Review and manage content marketing strategy
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