old man showing his drugs to doctor in online video chat

How to get a house call in the time of COVID-19?

Over the past two years, with the rapid and widespread outbreak of the coronavirus, Covid 19, and in response to repeated warnings from the World Health Organization not to attend public places, especially hospitals and medical centers, due to the high risk of contracting the virus, treatment of Outpatient and routine illnesses, routine checkups have become a challenge for people, especially the elderly. Extensive studies estimate that large numbers of older people are completely at home and many more need help to leave home.

Governments and law enforcement in all countries advise the elderly to avoid attending medical centers and clinics for periodic check-ups or treatment of unnecessary illnesses as much as possible because care in hospitals and clinics can put them at risk. So with all these warnings, what is the solution for periodic check-ups of the elderly or receiving outpatient medical services?

Due to the day by day development and expansion of technology, most of the challenges of people in receiving health and treatment services have been solved. Many companies and institutions came into existing during this pandemic period and have designed and presented various applications in the field of telemedicine and online medical services. The purpose of designing and presenting these applications is to reduce the pressure on health centers, perform home remedies and reduce the risk of exposure to people who still do not believe in the Covid-19 virus.

Therefore, if your elderly needs to see a doctor, whether for routine medical check-ups, or if they have the disease or symptoms of Covid-19, you can use the telemedicine services provided by telemedicine providers such as TangelaCare and stay safe from disease.

TangelaCare Telehealth Services

TangelaCare provides online customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The elderly and their caregivers can use TangelaCare remote services such as video or voice calls with their doctor anywhere.

Even in urgent cases to contact the doctor in person and perform medical examinations closely to provide special facilities for customers, coordination services and easy transportation arrangements can be used. Also, the necessary arrangements will be made to receive an appointment at the doctor or treating physicians in order to eliminate the long waiting time with the help of this application.

With the help of TangelaCare, most laboratory tests, examinations and preventive care can be performed without leaving the patient! Also, if you need to use the caregivers’ services of TangelaCare, a list of the best and most experienced health care providers, health experts and nurses will be provided to you to choose according to your needs and conditions.