caregive holds an elderly's hands

Why You Need Caregiver Support

The first question that arises is who is called a caregiver? In fact, a caregiver is someone who helps a person who needs care due to special physical or mental conditions. Caregiver can be members and loved ones of the person in need of care or someone outside the family

What kind of care can it be?

A wide range of things that are done for someone in order to help him is called care. It can be very simple, such as taking a person to the doctor for medical appointments or buying necessary materials such as medicine, food, etc. or very complex and intense, such as bathing, dressing, preparing food, doing housework, or giving medicines at specific times, etc.

Why do you need caregiver support, and when is it time to ask for help?

  1. When your elderly loved one suffers from a special disease such as dementia and you don't know what you can do for him.
  2. Or when your elderly person suffers an injury in the leg or pelvis due to a fall and is no longer able to move.
  3. As a caregiver, you are tired and unable to continue taking care of your parents
  4. Due to your business, you have to spend some time away from the city or the place of residence of your dear elderly person.
  5. The responsibilities of your personal life are so much that you cannot manage the care of your elderly loved one

Benefits of getting help from health care providers

  1. Due to their high experience, health care workers can easily identify and evaluate the needs of the person in need of care and respond to them as soon as possible.
  2. Experienced health care givers are able to meet the basic medical needs of the sick elderly due to having sufficient medical information such as measuring blood pressure and …
  3. As soon as a health problem occurs for the elderly, health care givers can provide the patient's history as required by the treating doctor to speed up the treatment process.
  4. If you have not been in contact with your friends for a long time because of taking care of your sick elderly person and your social relations have weakened, you can safely entrust your sick elderly person to them by taking help from trusted health care giver and enjoy socializing with friends.