doctor taking care of senior woman at home

Do you want to get to age in the comfort of your home with dignity and pride?

Dignity means that a person has value and respect for himself and is treated morally. The term may also be used to describe personal behavior, such as "dignified behavior."

If elderly feel that their respect and value as a human being is not respected, this can prevent them from enjoying life and feeling safe during the care period.

The issue of dignity for the elderly, who have left most of their independence to someone else, such as health care providers, is a very important issue that should not be easily overlooked. For example, health care providers should involve elderly in making decisions about caring for them and be sure to ask for their opinion. It may seem that changing the way of giving care to the elderly is a simple and trivial matter that can easily be done without consulting the patient, but this seemingly small issue can have a profoundly negative effect on the elderly person and make them feel that their value has diminished and that they look like as an object who have no power to decide their own affairs.

On the contrary, when they are consulted about issues such as diet, house arrangement, choice of clothes, change of health care providers, etc., they will feel valuable.

When the elderly are cared for at home, they can feel more and more dignified and valued, because when care is done at home, the caregiver will pay attention to only one elderly person and he will receive better quality care, while they will have easier access to their personal tools and facilities at home.

For the elderly, a home is more than just a building, it is full of memories, stories, heritage and shelter for them. Therefore, taking them away from their home in case of illness for health treat can have a negative effect on their mood. While using health care facilities at home will create a greater sense of security and peace of mind in them.

Today, with the advancement of technology and the emergence of institutions and companies that provide health care services online at home, the elderly will be able to receive medical services at home without the need to leave their homes, and this is a sense of security for them. Moreover, this is a big step towards creating more prosperity and an easier life for this vulnerable segment of society.