senior managing medication

How can a hired care giver manage a senior medications’ timetable?

Caregiving for the elderly is a job that requires a lot of patience. As people get older, their ability to do many things decreases.

Many of them need to take several drugs a day to maintain their health, each of which must be taken at a certain time of the day and in a certain amount, and managing to take all these different drugs every day can be difficult and exhausting. But on the other hand, the correct use of drugs without forgetting even a single dose is very important. Careful monitoring of their medications - and understanding the purpose of each - can help keep them safe.

There are many ways to plan and manage geriatric medications, some of which we will explore

  1. Using whiteboards:
  2. As a health care provider, you need to know the number of medications your elderly take daily, the best time to take them, the instructions, and the name of each. You can write them down on a whiteboard. Whiteboards are ideal because you can easily make changes if the version changes but it’s hard to move them.

  3. Use of drug organizers:
  4. These organizers, with their storage compartments, help health care providers know what medications to give to the elderly each day of the week, but using this device is challenging for medications that must each be taken at certain times of the day. And it can confuse health care givers.

  5. Using alarms to remind medications:
  6. You can easily use your mobile phone to set the alarm and specify the name of the medicine that should be taken at any time in the alarm section on the mobile phone. But imagine that you are on vacation for any reason

  7. Download special health care applications:
  8. These apps are the best tool to remind you to give medications at a specific time to the elderlies. By providing this feature in its application, TangelaCare makes it easy for its users to work so that health care givers can safely manage the daily consumption of medicines for the elderly under their care.