Interview with CEO, Dr. Peyman Yazdkhasti

After 10 years of experiencing difficulties of taking care of senior citizens for their families and feeling a remarkable lack in this domain, I decided to tackle this problem by establishing a new company which provides some of those missed services for elder citizens.

As I have managed two chronic pain centers in Iran and managed an essential array of critically ill patients during my practice, I am familiar even with its minutiae. Moreover, I have published some articles about the reduction of some common morbidities among these patients in some well-known international magazines in Italy, Spain, etc. Meanwhile, managing a European health company as CEO since 2016 has inspired me to provide a better and more affordable health service in countries with an aged population.

Since I graduated from Iran medical Faculty, I have participated in numerous supplementary courses such as European pain academy courses and Daradia acute and chronic pain courses to promote my skills in chronic disease management. Furthermore, I have held numerous workshops and seminars about ICU patients and new modalities in their treatments.

- What is your background and how you get involved with Tangela Care?

I am foremost an anesthesiologist and critical care specialist. considering my specialty, one of my main objectives since the very beginning through my visits with critically-ill patients has been to provide them with efficient and sustainable services. Working with patients who are suffering from chronic pain has driven me to search for new methods of helping them overcome their pain and caring for them in the comfort of their homes, while additionally diminishing the overwhelming pressure that can be placed on their families and caretakers as a result of their illnesses. Tangela's primary objective of providing exceptional care to its patients aligns with my personal aspirations and has inspired me to become more involved with Tangela Care and have a positive impact on my community.

- What inspires you about working with technology and Seniorcare space?

Managing various medical teams while simultaneously dealing with a high volume of aged care-seekers inspired our mission of establishing a company to provide cutting-edge medical services for volunteers from different age groups.

- What are your responsibilities as a CEO in Tangela?

My main role as the CEO of this company is conducting other experts and specialists who have participated in our plan to form a joint effort to achieve our mentioned goals.

Meanwhile, as a doctor, providing affordable and updated medical services even remotely has been one of my major responsibilities.

- Who are Tangela's customers and how you could create value for them?

Our primary clients are senior citizens seeking medical services at their homes. We do offer these services to a wide range of adults from ages 30 to 90. Furthermore, our company arranges all medical appointments requested by our clients and manages drug deliveries and other essential services to ease the burden on older adults and their care providers.

- What are the biggest challenges that you are facing in the business?

In the healthcare field, we interact with individuals of all ages. Through my experiences, I have found that senior citizens are not as familiar with the latest advances in customer-oriented technology and reading messages on smartphones is often very difficult for them due to their declining eyesight. Therefore, I have tried to minimize these difficulties as much as possible by designing a user-friendly platform that caters to the needs of all demographics and users.

- As an experienced healthcare professional and an entrepreneur, please share with the readers some of the best resources that helped you grow (it can be books, courses, blogs, etc.)?

I have had the privilege to participate in numerous courses with the world's most influential pain practitioners, including Dr. Gobar Racz, the former chairman of World Pain Academy (WPM) and professor at Texas Medical University, as well as Dr. Agnes Stogiczia, Professor at Washington University and member of the European Pain Academy.

Moreover, in 2016, I established one similar company operating in the European Union and previously managed two clinics in Tehran, all of which contributed to the development of my expertise in healthcare-related domains over the past several years. Furthermore, I relate the inspiration, knowledge, and experience I have gained professionally to the mentorships and connections I have made through networking in the field, especially world-renowned physicians like Drs. Racz and Stogiczia.