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The Relationship Between Senior Healthcare and Social Networks

Based on research on mental health, a group of elderly researchers have concluded that there is a direct relationship between the extent of social interaction between the elderly and their mental health and they will be more satisfied with their life. Specially if the number of family members in this social network is more, the satisfaction with life will be much higher. Family and friends are a source of support for the elderly.

Researchers have found that the more people on the elderly social network, the less they feel lonely, depressed and anxious. The more elderly who associate with more people, experience more happiness in old age. The general public says that social networks are not popular among the elderly, but the elderly are much closer to social networks than any other age group, and this proves that this technology has a great impact on the way and quality of their life.

How do social networks affect the lives of the elderly?

  1. Improves mental health
  2. As important as physical health is mental health. Studies show that the elder people who use social media, the more important aspects of their existence they realize because they are more involved in self-learning activities and learning new topics, and spend less time thinking about trivial issues. As a result, they experience less anxiety and depression. In addition, they are more aware of the latest news and technology. Some reports suggest that seniors who use the Social websites have more controlled blood pressure and blood sugar than those who do not.

  3. Shopping and ways of preparing necessities become easier
  4. Shopping is one of the ways that anyone can be happy regardless of age. But this fascinating pastime can be a big challenge for the elderly because many seniors may be weak or unable to move.

    They can not easily leave home and go to the shops to meet their needs, but these days online shopping has made things much easier, especially for the elderly. With just a simple click, they will be able to easily prepare their necessities and receive the door without having to leave the house.

  5. Updates with friends and family
  6. Older people are more likely to be depressed and lonely because they have more free time, so social media can give them a sense of connection to friends and family, and they are more likely to connect with their children and grandchildren. Even if they are far away and not by their side, this is even more important for people whose children live in another country. Many seniors can connect with all their loved ones by creating groups on social networks.

  7. Another important benefit is getting to know and using useful applications for the elderly
  8. Nowadays, there are many applications that cover a wide range of needs of the elderly, such as medical and pharmaceutical applications, mental game applications to prevent Alzheimer's, movement applications to stimulate the elderly due to age and limitations, and mobility skills to prevent the development of immobility diseases.

Disadvantages of social media

  1. Despite the many benefits that social networks have, the excessive and indiscriminate use of social sites and media by the elderly also causes distraction and memory impairment in them. They neglect the world around them because memory has two components, one is attention that helps to learn and the other is attention that helps to take them out of memory when needed.
  2. Another notable disadvantage of the use of the Internet is phishing and Internet scams that many seniors may be caught due to lack of awareness. To prevent it, the elderly must be given the necessary training and get informed.
  3. Another issue that should be considered is that excessive use of social networks causes addiction, which causes people to lose contact with each other in the real world and face-to-face contacts. In fact, the most important thing is to create a balance between the virtual world and the real world